Thursday, August 20, 2015

Our England Journey: Canterbury

After Eastbourne, we headed to Canterbury.

And our first stop was, of course, the cathedral.  We ended up spending a whole afternoon here, because as it turns out, there's a lot to see.  The grounds are fairly extensive and contain, among other things, Roman ruins and a boys boarding school.  Canterbury Cathedral is more than just the cathedral.  Who knew?

While we were visiting, an organist was practicing and I got to sit and listen to the most beautiful music reverberate through me and everything else.  It was a really lovely afternoon.

Of course, we took a lot of photos, because it's STUNNING.

Funny faces on the ceiling of the courtyard.

A side chapel

Looking up into the tower.

The next day we explored St. Augustine's Abbey, which served as a Catholic monastery for almost 1000 years until King Henry VIII came along and got rid of most of the abbey's in England, seizing the property for the crown.  An aspect of the English Reformation I hadn't previously considered. After it was dissolved, part of the abbey became a manor house for awhile while much of the rest was torn down and sold off. Now, there are only ruins; but if you do visit Canterbury, the audio guide makes a visit to the Abbey well worth it.

You could just see the tower of Canterbury Cathedral.
That was pretty much it for Canterbury, as we only stayed one night.  Next up, London!

If you haven't yet, feel free to check out the first post in this series on Eastbourne.


  1. I hope you had a great time in Canterbury! Please tell me you had a chance to visit the Olde Sweet Shoppe in town. It's the most amazing old-fashioned candy shop I have ever seen and I'd definitely go back just for that one. ;)

    1. I am not sure we came across that one Nessa. I'll have to put it on the list for next time!