Monday, March 2, 2015

Finishing My Blue Medieval Dress

Last year, I made the dress from Waterhouse's "Miranda and the Tempest" for an "Art" challenge. But I didn't actually finish the dress.  The painting only shows the back, and I was in such a rush that I didn't put any closures on it, nor did I finish any interior seams, and the hem was machine sewn (Gasp!).  For the current HSM challenge (Blue), I decided to finally finish it!  And it only took about another 20 hours.

The original painting:

Last year's photoshoot:

And this year's, where I can show off my buttons:

This is my "I'm ready to go frolicking pose." My lovely plaid pajama pants are a bonus.  Plus, wearing those is how I managed to ride a bike to the photo location.

The Challenge: Art: Make your own masterpiece based on a work of art.

Fabric: Linen, probably a little rougher than it should be.

Pattern: Drafted my own from La Cotte Simple and By My Measure.

Year: late 1300's to early 1400's

Notions: Silk embroidery thread for the button holes.

How historically accurate is it? For my first "medieval" ensemble, I'm quite pleased

Hours to complete: I didn't keep track too closely, but probably another 20 went in this time around.

First worn: For photos. (And last year for photos)

Total cost: Nothing this time, but my costs originally were probably about $20.


  1. Always a pleasure to see this beautiful dress again. Your buttons and buttonholes are lovely, 20 hours seems impressively short for so much work.

    Bonus points for co-ordinating your pyjama pants to your dress!

  2. So wonderfully done, Elizabeth. I love the colors, the under-dress, the silhouette, the drape, the linen, the pajama bottoms, everything, really.