Thursday, March 5, 2015

Crochet Catch Up: A Warm Winter Shawl

One reason I don't blog about most things I crochet is that they're often gifts and I have to wait until they're given to write about them.  And then another year passes and still no post.  On top of that, when you don't write these things down, it's practically impossible to remember which hook was used or the fiber content or brand of yarn.  Whine, whine, whine.

But with this one, only a couple months have passed, so I feel accomplished!

This shawl was made as a part of a Facebook pay-it-forward thing with crafts.  I made 5 projects in 2014 for it, and this is the first one I'm blogging about.  I decided not to continue this year, which means I don't have much in the works crochet-wise, so instead I'm writing about old projects.

Anyway, on to the shawl!

Though the model is my lovely husband, he's not actually the intended recipient.  Instead, this shawl went to a woman who influenced my life (in the best way) a lot during my college years, and who also helped me become a much better seamstress--my boss in the costume shop.

Yarn: Malabrigo Lace, 100% baby merino wool.  This stuff is so soft!  It was a perfect choice for a winter shawl and I definitely plan to work with it again

Pattern: Laura by LilyGo.  I may have said it before, but I love LilyGo's patterns.  They are amazingly detailed, and I'm a firm believer you can figure out anything with a good chart.*  Also, for a shawl, this one doesn't get monotonous.  With most shawls, you do the border and then fill in the middle, making the middle take for-ever.  But with this one you kinda work it sideways.  So if you look at the photo of the back of the shawl, you actually crochet up-down (the whole thing, border and all) and then left-right.  You build it all in one go.

Hook size:  No clue.  Though the pattern recommends 3.5mm so I probably used something around that.

Anything else?  This is actually the second time I used this pattern.  The first was a birthday present for my grandmother's 95th, though I don't seem to have written about that one yet...

*I suppose I should explain what a 'chart' means in this case.  Crochet (and I assume knitting) patterns are often written out: ch 12, dc 2 in 1st ch from hook, ch 1, skip 1 ch, dc 2 in ch.  This, for a visual person, gets confusing really fast, and it's really easy to lose your place.  But a chart is just a drawing of the pattern.  Each symbol is a specific type of stitch, and if you know the symbols, you can read the pattern. I ADORE charts, and have been known to draw my own if the pattern doesn't come with one.


  1. Wow, Elizabeth. Such a gorgeous, intricate crochet. And the coloring is perfect. If I could, I would come over all the way to the Netherlands to snick it. ;)

    1. It's actually in the US with its recipient, so you'd be out of luck I'm afraid. :)

    2. Aww, what a pity. But maybe I can snick the next one. ;) (And sorry for the late reply, the exam season is still keeping me away.)