Thursday, February 5, 2015

One Last Pair... of Awesome 30's Trousers

This is my last pair of 30's pants for a while, I promise!  I just needed one more pair.  I'm probably a little addicted to this pattern, these black ones being my third try at the Wearing History pattern.

But black pants!  I had no semi-casual black pants, and have been needing a good pair for years.  So, one more go.

I made these as a late entry for January's Historical Sew Monthly (previously Fortnightly), the theme of which is foundations.  And a good pair of black trousers is a good foundation piece to any wardrobe.  I originally intended to make a corded petticoat for this challenge, but that didn't happen.

This pair is obviously like the last two, but this time I added pockets.  It was my first time adding pockets to pants, so the opening for my hand turned out a little big, but as big pockets go well with big pants, I'm still pleased with them.

As for the photo shoot, I decided on a park near our house, early in the morning before Dan went to work (as it's dark by the time he gets home), but what I didn't plan for was the snowfall the night before.  So I was a little chilly in my sweater and cotton pants.  And I was only able to do my leap-frog idea once, as that was absurdly cold for my hands.  I look a little deranged, but oh well.

The Challenge: Foundation

Fabric: Black cotton blend that I got for really cheap, but it feels like cotton.

Pattern: Wearing History's Smooth Sailing Trousers

Year: mid to late 1930's

Notions: zipper, hook/bar

How historically accurate is it? For the first time in ages, my fabric isn't completely natural, so points off there, but I still feel this is accurate enough for the 1930's.

Hours to complete: About 9.

First worn: A bit around the house, and for photos, but these will get worn A LOT.

Total cost: About $13 for fabric and zipper.  Hook/bar I had on hand.

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