Sunday, January 11, 2015

Top 5 Goals for 2015

Because my 'Looking Back, Looking Forward' post was mostly about looking back, and I've had this year's goals swimming around my head, multiplying by the day, I decided I should really write down my top five sewing-related goals for the year.

1. Improve my photography: I don't know what is up with my camera, it seems to be losing its ability to focus, so that's one issue, but mostly I want to improve my outfit photo shoots.  I loved the day I was Miranda at the beach, but that was the only one this year not around my house or my backyard (except for the few that were in my parent's house or back yard.  Oh, and the one in my in-law's backyard).

So more this:

and less this: 

2. Finish things!  I really want to finish my 1880's ensemble, and my Miranda dress above isn't actually completed either (the blue outer layer has no buttons and a really sad machine hem)

3. Try new things!  I bought stamps (still need to find ink) for block printing, and I have been wanting to learn spinning (yarn that is) for years.  Hopefully, this will be the year.

4.  Accessorize!  I'm really bad at completing ensembles, adding the pieces like hats and jewelry and appropriate shoes to really make an outfit look accurate and turn me into someone else.  I have plans for two hats, one for the 1880's (probably buckram) and over Christmas I found a felt hat form to try blocking a late 1920's / early 1930's hat.

5. Improve my hair styling abilities.  Along with point 4, having a period appropriate hair style is key to getting the right overall look.  And I stink at doing my hair.  I was so proud of my gold Regency dress from late 2013, I wore it to a ball and everything, but my hair (which I managed to spend about 10 minutes on) looked like two doorknobs sticking out the back of my head.  I was self conscious about my hair that whole night, and that's not the point of going to a ball!
There are tons of vintage and historical hair tutorials online, and my goal is to try something once a month, hopefully documenting everything so I can reproduce it (or improve upon it) at a later date.

Most of these, you'll probably notice, don't involve big new projects.  A few of those are also in the works, but as I haven't found a lot of places to wear the things I created this year, and everything I make has a caveat that I should really make a hat, or find some broach, etc. before I wear it in public, I end up not wearing items even to events I could go to.  So this year hopefully I'll step back a bit, and work on the smaller things.


  1. Oooo...that red, 1920s hat is amazing! you have the "perfect" locket accessory. :P

    1. There is no way my hat will be that stunning! But you are right about the locket. I'm planning on pairing it with the 1880's day dress I hope to finish in March. So one accessory down!