Monday, December 29, 2014

HSF '14: Shiny 1910's Blouse

I did it!  I completed every Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge this year.  Out of over 1,000 members who started in January, I'm one of about 10 who made it the whole way through, and I couldn't be prouder.

I'd love to say that my last project of the year was something fantastic, with which I'm completely in love, but sadly, that's not the case.

For the last challenge of the year, which was called "All that Glitters", I made a 1910's blouse that I rushed on, as I needed to finish it before we went back to the states for the holidays.  And as with rush jobs, it has some flaws.  As in, the neck is too small, the sleeves are too short, the arm-holes are too tight in the front, and the front just looks huge and baggy (which may be attributed to my modern undergarments).  But it's shiny, so it fits the theme, and I don't hate it (I actually wore it Christmas Eve), it just doesn't feel right.

Ah well, lessons learned for the next time I try the pattern.

You can see that the cuffs are about twice as long as the pattern calls for.  This was my fix for the sleeves being too short.  I added a half inch to the body of the sleeves, and on paper that seemed like enough, but I really need another 1.5 inches in there.  I didn't add buttons to the cuffs (though I may in the future); the lengthened cuffs already look really modern, and I liked the look without buttons (the cuffs are stiff enough that they don't flop around).

The neckline isn't supposed to be as open as it is, there should be another inch in there somewhere. You can't actually tell, but the pattern envelope shows that you're supposed to be able to close it and add a tie of sorts, which I really can't do.  Also, another inch in the neck would mean the collar wouldn't stick straight out, but angle down a bit.  You can just see the collar sticking out along my left shoulder.

From the pattern image, you can see the closed neck up top, and how the collar is supposed to look, angling a bit towards the front instead of straight off the shoulder.  Oh well.

The Challenge: All that Glitters

Fabric: Beautiful ecru-colored cotton sateen, that has a really nice shine to it.

Pattern: Wearing History's 1910's Blouse

Year: early to mid 1910's

Notions: thread and some plastic buttons

How historically accurate is it? I'm pleased with the fabric, but no self respecting seamstress in the 1910's would have made herself a blouse that fit this badly.  So not great.

Hours to complete: Almost 20.

First worn: Christmas Eve service.

Total cost: Fabric was $25 (though I have a lot left over), and buttons were $5.


  1. I like the look of the long cuffs :)

  2. So cute!! And a huge Congratulations on completing the Historical Sew Fortnightly for 2014!

  3. I like the long cuffs too! And congratulations on being one of the select few who completed all the challenges; that's a serious achievement!