Monday, October 20, 2014

HSF '14: 1880's Overskirt

This is a bit of a grumbly post.  I hate my camera.  I don't feel like this used to be a problem, but in the past year, no matter where or when I shoot, I can't get it to photograph colors well.  Especially red.  Everything just looks washed out.  Always. And I'm especially grumbly about this today, as my overskirt is a lovely brick red.

This color:

Keep that in mind when you see the photos down the line.

Plus, when I stepped back into the house I caught my skirt on my heel, and instead of the thread breaking like it's supposed to, the threads of my skirt broke instead, so now I have lovely pull lines emanating up the back of my skirt.  Grumble grumble grumble.  And I didn't take a photo of that to show you, as I hate my camera.

Shifting gears, I should probably tell you about the challenge.  The theme this fortnight was inspiration: Be inspired by previous challenge entries to make something of your own.  I originally wanted to get my 1880's Corset done for this one, as there have been some amazing corsets done in the past two years and I always want to improve my skills in corsetry.  But I'm no where near done, so I realized that I could finish my Overskirt, 90% of which I had done back in August.  The whole reason I'm making an 1880's walking ensemble is because I've seen some amazing examples through the HSF.  I fell in love with Kura Carpenter's stripey jacket and hat; Loren Dearborn made an adorable seaside outfit; and Anna Fura made an exquisitely matched plaid ensemble.  Pretty much anything mid-1880's that gets made for HSF, I want. So I figured it was high time to make my own.

The Challenge: Inspiration

Fabric: Lovely brick red cotton that did not photograph well

Pattern: TV382, but I didn't connect it to the underskirt like they suggest, in case I ever want to wear another overskirt with the underskirt.

Year: mid 1800's

Notions: bits of bias tape to encase the side edges

How historically accurate is it? Good enough.

Hours to complete: This wasn't supposed to be for an HSF challenge, so I didn't keep track, but maybe 8-10ish?

First worn: Today.

Total cost: I can't actually remember what I paid for the fabric, but no more than $15.

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