Tuesday, September 16, 2014

HSF '14: A Regency Beret

This fortnightly challenge is Yellow.  And anyone who knows me knows I really don't wear yellow. At all.  Looking through my fabric, the only even-close-to-yellow fabric I own is the gold silk I made last year's Celebrate dress out of, and the same fabric I used for the lining in the Regency reticule I just made.  (I bought way too much of that fabric)

As I had a ton of the gold silk, and I had just been through the La Mode Bagatelle pattern with the reticule (which includes pieces for pretty much all Regency outfit components you could ever want), and remembered that they had a beret pattern, I decided to give that a go.  It's possible my fabric is too stiff, and I don't think I have a dress yet to wear it with, as it would be too spot on with the Celebrate dress, but I enjoyed the exercise, and now I know how big the beret will be if I ever want to make another from that pattern.

And my fabric is so stiff, my beret could
probably double as a chef's hat.

The Challenge: Yellow

Fabric: Scrap silk I had left over from last year's Celebrate! challenge

Pattern: To make things super easy I used the La Mode Bagatelle pattern

Year: early 1800's

Notions: None

How historically accurate is it? Pretty good.

Hours to complete: 3.5 (I had forgotten how tricky the stiff, tightly woven silk was to hand sew)

First worn: Not yet, but yay for another accessory!

Total cost: Free, as the fabric was from stash, but $2.50 otherwise as the silk I bought was $5 per yard.

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