Thursday, July 31, 2014

HSF '14: 1880's bustle

I mentioned this project almost a month ago with the Shape and Support challenge, where I made the petticoat that goes over this bustle.  The bustle wasn't yet finished at that point (no waistband), and it's made out of paisley fabric, so it fit perfectly (almost as if I planned it) into this fortnightly's Plaid and Paisley challenge.

Full disclosure:  I'm really not sure about my fabric choice.  It was sold along with Civil War prints in a small shop that I believe knows what it's selling, but I think the blue may be too bright, and I'm unsure about the shapes in between the paisley designs. I did find this fabric that has the same feel but one fabric doesn't really constitute a pattern, and I'm not even sure of the date of that garment.

The desire for a paisley bustle started with Jennifer Rosbrugh and her red paisley one.  How could you not want one when you see hers??  So I ordered Truly Victorian's Imperial Tonure pattern and bustle wire and got to work.  Well, it was actually about a year later, but I wanted to from the first!

The Challenge: Paisley and Plaid

Fabric: Pashmina by Moda fabrics (cotton)

Pattern: Truly Victorian's Imperial Tonure (Regular size) - TV163

Year: 1887

Notions: Thread and cotton bias tape.  I'm waiting to add a closure until I make a new corset.

How historically accurate is it? Pattern and sewing method, good.  Fabric, unknown.

Hours to complete: Maybe 10?  I haven't really been tracking my hours lately.

First worn: Just for photos, and a bit of prancing around the house.

Total cost: About $20 for fabric, the pattern was $14, and the wire was $16.  So one really expensive bustle.

Doesn't it look like a lobster??

My mistake.  The short story is that I cut the wrong size.  The long story is that I cut the Imperial (more prominent bustle) size but had the wire for the regular size, but didn't realize this until the channels for the wire were sewn in.  Instead of taking out all the channels, I just cut it down the middle to re-seam all of it, but because I had flat felled the seam, at the top on one of the sides I cut a bit too much off.  Thus the triangle.

Possibly the most awesome part of a bustle is the size difference between folded and open.


  1. So cool! I really, really like this! It's such amazing fabric, and the shape it gives is fantastic!

  2. I love it!! It does look like a lobster XD

  3. ooh, fabulous. I like how its a managable size.