Saturday, May 3, 2014

HSF '14: Super Scratchy 1930's Pants

I have new pants!  I've been wanting 30's pants for a while now.  I absolutely adore wide legged pants, and have been wanting to try high waisted pants.  I received the Smooth Sailing pattern from Wearing History last year for my birthday, and have been waiting for an opportunity to make them up.  I found my fabric at a rather large fabric market in Utrecht.  They're supposed to be 100% wool, but the fabric right next to them in the pile was also supposed to be wool, but it seemed more than a bit too stretchy.  It is certainly scratchy enough for wool though--which is why they're fully lined (my lining cost more than my fabric).  They're nice and warm for my cooler climate, but not great for biking (I'm afraid they'd get caught in my gears too easily).  But I love them, and I'm already looking forward to making more.

Oh, and I've paired them with a modern knit top, and a 70's vest that I think was my father's.  A pleasing blend of eras.

The Challenge: UFO or PHD (Un-Finished Object / Project Half Done)  As I'm still new to sewing historic clothing, I didn't really have any traditional UFO's--but I do have a lot of Un-Finished Ideas, which are also allowed.

Fabric: Super scratchy wool, and rayon for lining.

Pattern: Wearing History's Smooth Sailing Trousers, found here.

Year: 1930's (mid to late)

Notions: Hook and bar, metal zipper, thread.

How historically accurate is it? Fairly.  Pattern is good, though the crotch isn't as low as some originals (which Lauren mentions on her site), fabric is I think good.  I've said this previously, but the 1930's is so much easier to get historically accurate than earlier eras.

Hours to complete: Just under 15.

First worn: Out and about a few times now, but just with modern tops and shoes, I still have a long way to go to build my 30's wardrobe.

Total cost: I bought the fabric a while ago, I think it was $10, and then the rayon was more like $20.  I think the zipper was $3.

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