Saturday, May 17, 2014

HSF '14: Black and White for Summer

Technically, I created two entries for this Black and White challenge.  Black shorts, and a white blouse.  But as I had made both patterns recently (as 1930's trousers, and a pink blouse), it took less time than it would have otherwise.  I didn't have to make any modifications to the pants, except to turn them into shorts (which the pattern included anyway), but I did make some changes to the blouse pattern.  The pink blouse made me feel like a linebacker, but turning all the bodice gathers into tucks gave me a slimmer line that I'm really happy with.  Now, paired with the black shorts, I feel like an adorable school girl.  It's quite a change from football player.

In addition to changing the bodice gathers to tucks, I eliminated the pockets and cuffs, curved the collar, pleated the sleeve head (it had gathers), and put a little tuck at the base of the sleeve.

The Challenge: Create something in black and white, or white or black.

Fabric: Pants: Cotton sateen. Blouse: Cotton shirting.

Pattern: Wearing History's Smooth Sailing Trousers and Blouse (modified), found here.

Year: 1930's (mid to late)

Notions: Pants: Hook and bar, metal zipper, thread. Blouse: Buttons, a scrap of bias tape, thread.

How historically accurate is it? Good, I think. I did use modern seam finishing on the blouse though.

Hours to complete: Shorts: about 6, Blouse: 15.  With my changes I had quite a bit of work to do to get the blouse to fit properly, but it was definitely worth it.

First worn: For photos.  I'm wearing the blouse tonight with modern jeans though, and the shorts will get a lot of use later this summer.

Total cost: Shorts: Fabric--$15, zipper--$3. Blouse: The fabric was given to me, buttons--$4.  So $21 total.  Not bad.

And one more.  This one is probably my favorite.  My parents had a black and white umbrella, which I thought would make a good prop, but it's bigger than I am--by a lot--, so all together it looks a bit funny.


  1. Cute. Also...I want your sandals. Are they European?

    1. Thanks. Found those in Australia. :) The brand's Borelli.

  2. That blouse is super cute, and the sleeve detailing is perfection :)