Friday, March 28, 2014

HSF '14: Snow White's Apple Beret

Originally I intended to complete my Hobbit costume for this challenge, but didn't feel quite right about that, as the Hobbit isn't actually a Fairytale, the theme of this challenge.  I had been planning on crocheting a 1930's beret for the next challenge, but at some point had a flash of genius that I could make a Snow White's Apple beret. 
I don't think Snow White is my favorite fairytale, I'm not sure I have one, but I have felt connected to the story ever since sixth grade when I played the evil queen disguised as Esmeralda, the young gypsy woman who tries to sell Snow White a poisoned comb (she didn't make it into the Disney version).  I still have the impossible-to-resist decorative comb I made for the role (it's pink plastic wrapped with metallic silver ribbon). So I thought a Snow White themed entry was fitting.

The ChallengeFairytale: imagine your favorite fairytale set in a specific timeperiod, and make a historical garment inspired by the fairytale.

Fabric: Katia Merino Sport, almost 2 balls (100g) of red, and a very tiny amount of Merino Sport in green.

Pattern: Puff Stitch Crochet Beret and Crochet Leaves.  Found through Ravelry.  I did make changes to the Beret pattern to get it to fit; I used 6 Puff Stitches to start instead of 8, and eliminated Row 9.

Year: 1930's

Notions: If the yarn counts as the fabric, then nothing else was used.

How historically accurate is it? I'm really not sure.  The yarn is wool, but it has a very modern-seeming springiness to it, and the concept is all mine.  But if Eliza Schiaparelli can make a shoe hat, I can make an apple hat.

Hours to complete: I tend not to count crochet hours, as I mostly just do it while watching TV.  But I think it would have been about 10 if I didn't have to undo large swaths of it to make it fit my head.  My DK weight yarn was definitely not the pattern maker's DK weight yarn.

First worn: Not yet.

Total cost: 2 balls of yarn for about $10; the green was from stash.

I found several images of 1930's berets, including one that looks like it might use the Puff Stitch.


And this is mine!

My camera seems to have trouble getting reds right.  The color
is more like the shiniest, reddest, apple/lipstick red you've
ever seen.

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