Saturday, February 15, 2014

HSF '14: Late 30's Pink Blouse

This fortnightly challenge was 'Pink'.  And as most of you know, I'm not a pink person.  Maroon is about as close as I get.  But a few weeks ago I was given several pieces of shirting fabric, one of which was a blue-ish pink plaid.  One of my sewing goals this year is to start on a 1930's wardrobe, so I decided to use the pink plaid to test a blouse pattern I received for my birthday last year.  I have to say that I'm not entirely satisfied with the result.  The shirt makes me feel like a linebacker.  In all fairness, it's meant to be worn with high-waisted pants, which I haven't made yet, and the proportions may work better once I have.  But worn with modern jeans it makes me feel a lot larger than I am, especially in the shoulders.  And of course, the color is really outside my comfort zone.

Also, matching plaid is so annoying.

The Challenge: Pink!

Fabric: Pink cotton shirting.

Pattern: Wearing History's Smooth Sailing 1930's Blouse.  Found here.

Year: Late 30's.

Notions: Buttons and thread.

How historically accurate is it? I believe the pattern is accurate, and the fabric is plausible, I'm not sure about my plastic buttons though, and my seam finishes are probably not period.  Accuracy in the 20th century is so much easier to achieve.

Hours to complete: About 15, but at least 3 of that was matching the plaid and cutting my fabric so everything would match.

First worn: Probably not till I make pants to go with it.  And possibly not even then.

Total cost: Fabric was given to me, buttons were $5, and thread was $3.50.  So $8.50.


  1. I so love this blouse and especially the diagonal plais of the cuffs and pocket!! So wonderful!


  2. I haven't been brave enough to try matching plaid yet :) love the pockets

    1. It is so annoying! But be sure to start with woven plaid, as printed is sometimes a little off grain and that's just impossible.

  3. It's really cute, and the color will look good on you even if it's not your comfort zone! I just avoid plaid, and instead I critique all the ready-made plaid done poorly.