Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking Back / Looking Forward

A lot of people are writing blog posts looking back on what they've accomplished in 2013, and what they hope to achieve in 2014, and I intend to do the same.

  • We didn't move to another country this year, instead we put down a few more roots in the Netherlands and decided to stay a couple more years.  That non-move was in fact a major accomplishment.
  • I started a new job that literally pays me to browse the internet for interesting photos, and I started a volunteer position working with historic hats, though that job still has some kinks to work out in the new year.
  • We took advantage of the fact we live in Europe and spent time in Paris, Switzerland, and Berlin.  We also hosted a number of out-of-town guests, including my parents and a couple friends from Australia.

And though I'm proud of each of those things, that's not actually why I'm writing. Instead, I want to crow about all the costumes I made this year.  The diversity of range I accomplished this year hasn't been matched since I worked at the Costume Shop in college.  And it's all thanks to the Historical Sew Fortnightly 2013 - which I didn't even start until the end of May.  And once I started, I had a pretty good run; I accomplished 10 out of 17 challenges.

My favorite challenge had to be #12: Pretty Pretty Princess, which is a bit of a surprise, as I'm not a princessy person.  But with these Regency mitts I got to practice my embroidery, and the skill of looking at an image on Pinterest and figuring out how that translates to an actual garment (accessory) in real life.  I still haven't worn them to any event, but sometimes I take them out and just try them on.  They're so pretty.

My least favorite challenge had to be #16: Separates.  Well, perhaps I should say my least favorite result.  For this challenge I tried to start building my 1930's wardrobe a bit, and I made two items: a top (which I love and wore a lot this summer) and a skirt.  But the fabric I chose was too heavy, especially after I lined it, and when I walk in it, the flowy drapey panel that's supposed to move with me sticks straight out and it looks like I have a wing coming out of my knee.  I do intend to re-do the skirt at some point, I'm just not sure how yet.

This is the wing tucked in.  That lasts only as
long as I don't move.

And lastly, my most challenging challenge would have to be #13: Lace and Lacing, which turned into #24: Re-do.  I can't say much about this one, except in the end, after a long, painful journey, the collar turned out beautifully and I'm really proud of it.  I just don't have anything (yet) to wear it with.

As for next year, I'll be continuing with HSF 2014, and am really excited about it. This year there will be 24 challenges in total, instead of 26, and my goal is to finish 17 of them.  (20 seemed out of my reach, and 15 seemed like just over half - which seemed too little, so 17 it is)
I'm still pondering other New Year's goals, but that's my sewing one.  And in order to accomplish it, I'm really going to have to make some simpler things - accessories that don't take two challenges to finish, and maybe some jewelry, which I have none of.  And hats; a lady always needs more hats.

Happy New Year to all of you, and I hope your resolutions make you as excited as mine do.

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  1. the mitts and the collar are beautiful. i'm just learning embroidery, and your post has inspired me a lot. don't think i'm be brave enough to try the collar though :p