Monday, December 16, 2013

HSF Challenge #24: Re-Do

I'm a full two weeks late on posting this.  I got the re-do "done" only a day late, but as it's a crochet project, it still had have all the thread ends woven in and to be blocked, which, as I was thoroughly exhausted of the project, took awhile.

The project is one I tried before.  For Challenge #13: Lace and Lacing, I started a crochet collar, but due to using a larger gauge thread than what was called for, and the pattern being difficult to decipher (to say the least), I failed the first time.  You can read about that here.

But I persisted, and now have an incredibly lovely collar that I can't actually see myself wearing.  Ah, such is life.  I mostly wear v-neck shirts, or things with collars, or things with stripes, or any number of modern tops that don't really go with 1930's collars.  But I'll save that challenge for next year.  It's all part of building a 30's wardrobe.  I had to start somewhere!

The Challenge: Re-Do

Fabric: Lizbeth Size 20 thread in Antique Violet and Cream.  100% cotton.  Only 1 ball of the violet was needed, which means I have 2 more to figure out what to do with.

Pattern: Found here on Etsy.  The last few sentences of the pattern were missing altogether, and the directions were incredibly unclear in several spots.  I often zoomed in on the illustration and made up something that looked like the stitch used.

Year: 1930's, but lace collars seem to have been much more popular in the early part of the decade.

Notions: I guess is just thread.

How historically accurate is it? I honestly can't say.  It's cotton, and I believe the pattern is actually from the decade, and my colors seem all right, so actually maybe really high.  90%?

Hours to complete: AGES!

First worn: Not yet.

Total cost: $4 for each ball of thread, so $8.

On to the photos!


  1. It looks like an incredible piece of work, and it's no wonder that it took "ages" to make. You are ambitious, Elizabeth!