Friday, December 27, 2013

HSF Challenge #20: Outerwear OR #21: Green

Super, amazing, ridiculous, very green, spats for Bex!  These can't really count for an HSF challenge, as they are about as non-historical as spats can get, but I did finish them in time, so in my tally, they count.  I did have to wait to post them until they arrived at their destination though.

The Challenge: I had originally intended them for Outerwear, but then I couldn't find any suitable fabric for the Green challenge, so these could do for either.

Fabric: Katia Merino Baby, 100% Merino.

Pattern: Found here on Ravelry.

Year: Meant to be worn with modern dress, but spats were most common in the late Victorian era.

Notions: 6 meant-to-kinda-look-like-leather plastic(!) buttons.

How historically accurate is it? Let me count the ways.  Beyond the initial concept of 'spats' this one quickly falls apart.

Hours to complete: Less than 20 I think, I always crochet in the evenings while watching TV, so it doesn't really feel like a lot of time.

First worn: For the photos.  But they're not meant for me, and I hope their new owner will wear them occasionally!

Total cost: $4 for each ball of yarn, and maybe $3 for the buttons, so $11.

They fit rather well around my 1940's pumps.

Aren't they ridiculous??

The color is a bit closer to this shade than the neon shown above.

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  1. I love these!!! I bet they could start a whole new trend if they were sold on freepeople or one of those boho chic sights.