Wednesday, November 6, 2013

HSF Challenge #22: Masquerade

I really love fancy dress costumes, and I haven't made any Halloween costume since we lived in California, so I knew I wanted to so something special this year, while also not spending any money or taking much time on it.  I found several 1910's and 1920's fashion plates of costumes based on the night sky, and they were all really cute, so I had a go.  My main inspiration image:

The Challenge: Masquerade

Fabric: Probably all polyester.  The skirt base is a curtain panel, and the bodice base is a black strappy top thing, both from the thrift store.  The over layers are poly chiffon, and the waist section is a decorative pillowcase of unknown material.  The stars are paper.

Pattern: definitely made this one up as I went along

Year: my inspiration fashion plate is from 1919, but with the waist section I think it looks more 1950's.

Notions: Lots of thread.  And do paper stars count?

How historically accurate is it? I would say NOT AT ALL.  It's a Halloween costume, pure and simple.

Hours to complete: Less than 10.  I love modern construction.

First worn: To a Halloween party last week.

Total cost: About $5 for the thrift store items, and the chiffon was $1 per yard, so $15 total.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera to the party, so no group shots of everyone in costume, but I did take a couple the day before.

In case you can't tell, that's a paper moon stuck to my head.  And there are a lot of stars stuck to that skirt, they're just hidden in all the folds.  I just really love how foofy it makes me look.  And I've already started thinking about how else I can use this dress for future costumes. Blueberry and Blue Fairy come to mind.