Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tiny Top Hat

I had a request (from my mum) to post more pictures of the little top hat I made for Elfia.  So I thought I'd include some construction notes too.

I started with a cardboard (cereal box) crown, taped together.  I added fabric over top of this and tacked it down around the base of the crown.  I then cut a cereal box brim and used double sided tape (I didn't have spray glue) to attach a layer of blue fabric to the top and bottom.  I then attempted to tape the brim to the crown, but it didn't stay, so I had to sew it in.  This was a bit of a trick--hand sewing (the hat was too small to get around the arm of my sewing machine) through 4 layers of fabric, 2 layers of cardboard, and a layer of really sticky tape.  I bent a rather sturdy needle and went through several improvised cardboard thimbles.

After that, I added bias binding (made from the brown silk I used for the corset) around the outside of the brim.  Thankfully I was able to machine sew that on.  I finished the hat off with some leftover scraps for around the crown, a bow, and the dangly bits.  I also added a couple yarn loops inside to to attach it to my hair with bobby pins.

The inside still looks a bit ridiculous, so I may add a lining before its next outing, and the yarn loops didn't work at all, so I'm now on the (rather passive) hunt for hat elastic.

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