Wednesday, October 23, 2013

HSF Challenge #21: Color Challenge Green

Green is my favorite color.  And originally I wanted to make a green 1930's dress for this challenge.  But a dress requires the perfect fabric, and I couldn't find the perfect fabric.  So I settled for a cute little regency bag instead.

The Challenge: Color Challenge Green

Fabric: Silk shantung, random silk remnant for the lining

Pattern: mine

Year: early 1800's

Notions: Silk embroidery thread, random ribbon for a temporary drawstring.

How historically accurate is it? I studied a lot of extant regency bags, and just made something up.  But I used period appropriate materials, so about as much as possible.

Hours to complete: about 10 for the embroidery, and 3 for the construction.

First worn: Not yet, need an outfit to wear it with.

Total cost: I only used part of both pieces of silk, but the shantung cost about $15, and the lining piece cost $4.  The embroidery thread was $2.  So all told, $21.  But I hope to get gloves out of the shantung too.
The color is closer to this picture than the next, but less saturated.

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