Thursday, September 12, 2013

One Year in the Netherlands

Yesterday was our one year anniversary living here.  Unlike Perth, we didn't do anything special to celebrate.  But this has been a crazy year.

We hosted:
3 Australian friends, all at different times
1 cousin
2 parents

I went:
to London (briefly)
Friesland, up north to visit friends' parents for the Queen's Day Holiday
to Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan for 6 weeks
to Berlin for a few days with one of the visiting Australians

Dan went:
to Texas, Pittsburgh, New York for two weeks
to Russia for a week

We went:
to Paris for about a week
to Switzerland for a week
to Illinois and Pittsburgh for a month over Christmas

I joined a book club, a knitting (crochet) club, started a job writing content for a photography blog, took/am still taking 3 classes through Coursera, started several (and finished some) major sewing and crochet projects, and will soon be starting a volunteer position at the Amsterdam Museum.

Dan did a lot of physics.

There wasn't a single month without at least a week of our going somewhere or hosting someone, and I can pretty much guarantee that it made it harder to settle in.  I loved all the travel of this past year, but when I look forward to the year ahead, I think I'd like to slow down a bit.  Maybe only visiting Australia, Scotland, England, and the US.  And I'd really like to get to Belgium.  And take Dan to see Berlin.  And go see more of Northern France.

Maybe 'slow down' isn't the right term.

As for the future, we're hoping to be here for another 3 years; but we won't know anything until at least November.  Ah, life as a post-doc.

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