Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Elf Fantasy Fair - Arcen

I talked about the Elf Fantasy Fair in Utrecht last April, and this is the same thing, just further east--as in almost to Germany.

After last time I vowed we'd be dressed up, as we were definitely in the minority without costumes.  This time we were indeed dressed up (I in new duds, and Dan in some of his wedding clothes), but there were also more people this time without costumes.  Oh well, I definitely enjoyed being dressed, though by the end of the day I was ready to be back in my usual clothes.

The location was amazing!  It was at the Kasteel Arcen, which wasn't really a castle, more like a manor house, but the gardens were absolutely fit for a castle.  The whole place was huge, which helped disperse the massive amount of people, and there were probably a dozen different types of gardens to explore.  There was even a mini-golf (excellently called midgetgolf in Dutch) course tucked way back on the property.

This time, we took more photos of ourselves (mostly of me) than other people, and here are my favorites.

Oh, but first I should explain the sweater.  I originally intended to make a jacket for the event, but didn't have time.  I was going to just wear a chemise under my corset, but decided it was probably going to be too cold.  Thankfully I had a sweater that worked well enough--so you'll have to forgive my modern addition.  I did end up needing the sweater, and was really grateful to have it on.  September isn't the warmest month here--though we didn't get rained on until the walk home.

We started in the rose garden.

My gloriously large backside.

Admiring the view

There were monkeys!

Wandering around the mini-golf course.

I had a go at throwing axes at a bear.

I actually stuck an ax in his arm!

We ate a lot of meat on a stick.

Watched some Japanese archers

Saw this amazing family (check out her hat!)

Took a rest in the Italian garden.

Found a giant hut in the Asian section

Admired the vistas

and the people

and the lakes

Ope, and finally one of Dan!


  1. What fun! Love the dress--you are one creative daughter (don't know who you got that from)

  2. This looks so fun!! And I am very impressed you stuck the bear. I will now officially shadow you on any future backwoods backpacking adventure.