Sunday, August 4, 2013

Crochet Catch-Up: Peach Granny-Square Mitts

I made these for a college friend of mine who we always called Peach, due to her coloring and adorable rosy cheeks.

Yarn: Katia Capri, 100% cotton, sport / 5-ply

Pattern: Cafe Wristers, found here

Notes: These were really easy to work up, all except the middle stitches on the tied ends, which involved crocheting into row upon row of chain stitch.  Chain stitches weren't meant to be crocheted into, as there's really nothing there, so that bit was really tight and annoying.  They're also a bit bulky, so if I try them again I may use a lighter weight yarn.


  1. Hi There,

    Is there any chance that you still have this pattern available?
    Ive been searching for ages but just come to a dead end! the link takes me to Red Heart which says this pattern is no longer available!

    Many thanks

    1. I'm sorry Kirsty, I never downloaded a pattern, it was just written on the website. And that link no longer works... I originally found them through, and that page says they're still available in the magazine Crochet Today from May/June 2012. So maybe that could help? Here's the link to the ravelry page:
      Good luck!