Wednesday, July 31, 2013

HSF Challenge #13: FAIL

I knew finishing this challenge (which was actually called Lace and Lacing) on time was going to be a long shot.  The two weeks allocated for this challenge were ones filled with a lot of travel for me, from Illinois to Minnesota and Michigan.  Not too much time for sewing, so I decided to crochet something.  I found a pattern on Etsy for a 1930's lace collar.  Thread crochet would be a new challenge for me, and I could easily crochet while riding in a car--at least that was the plan.  I ended up doing a lot of the driving, so not as much crochet.  Also thread crochet?  In a moving car?  Really?

So to start: the pattern.  Which can be found here.

Very cute.  I had to use a different gauge thread, slightly larger, as I couldn't find any of the right size at the midwest hobby stores around where I was.  So you start with the middle squares and base the size on those.  The squares are supposed to be 1" by 1", and 12 stitches by 12 rows.  My squares had to be 9 stitches by 12 rows to be the right size, as my thread was larger.  Fine, pattern adjusted.  And they produced these adorable little tacos.

After you make the squares you basically go around and around, building above and below them at the same time.  Of course, I adjusted the number of stitches accordingly, eliminating about a quarter of the width stitches to keep in line with the gauge.  So now this is where I'm at.

At least a dozen more hours of work into it now.  Probably more like 20-25 hours, but that's depressing.  Because--I think I need to take it all out, at least back to the squares.  The line just above them, which have the three prongs pointing down, is just too long.  You can see its a little wavy, which is made worse when you gently curve the design, like it will be when worn.

See?  I've already taken out more than a quarter of the stitches from that row, but I can no longer deny that it's still not right.  And it's not something I can fix by blocking.  There's just too much there.  So I've stopped working on it until I feel like undoing all that work.  Which may be never.

That's one of the worst things about crochet.  You can't fix bits and pieces without affecting the whole like you usually can with sewing.  You just have to go back.  I've thought about continuing and just living with it, but I know if it's not perfect I'll never wear it, and then the entire thing will have been a waste.


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  1. Tis is why I often forget I hate crochet till the yarn is purchased and the project half finished!