Monday, July 22, 2013

Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge #15: Colour Challenge White

This was a basic challenge for me.  I made a chemise to go with my new drawers.  The chemise was even more basic, with no adornment whatsoever, but I'm in a rush to move on to other things, so maybe in time I'll add a bit of embroidery or lace.  Probably not though, knowing how I tend to hate going back to something once it's been declared 'finished'.  I did hand sew it though, as with the drawers.

The Challenge: Colour Challenge White

Fabric: Cotton.

Pattern: Elizabeth Stewart Clark's Draft-Your-Own Chemise

Year: Mid 19th c.

Notions: Just thread.

How historically accurate is it? Fairly.  ESC patterns seem accurate, and cotton certainly would have been used at the time.

Hours to complete: Maybe only 10?  My hand sewing may be getting faster.

First worn: Around the house quite a bit yesterday.

Total cost: The fabric for both the drawers and chemise was about $10.

And the obligatory photo:

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