Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Our grocery store is running a promotion right now.  Buy 15 euro worth of groceries and you get a seed packet for free.  They of course have all the other stuff you usually need too, pots, soil, watering can, but the apartment already came with all that, so I've just been getting a random seed packet every time I've gone shopping.

So yesterday and today I planted beets (which I have ever only liked pickled), Parisian carrots (which are stunted round looking things), watercress (which I'm not sure I've ever had), and rocket lettuce (which I really don't like raw as it's too bitter).  But hey, they were free.  I also got two packets of flower seeds, sweetpeas and cosmos, neither of which I've ever had experience with.

I actually really like the way this happened.  I have a couple of bare patches in the back garden, and had been debating about planting something, but really didn't know what to plant.  The only vegetable I had gotten to grow in Australia was chard, and even that didn't grow well.  The seed packets were just handed out by the cashier, I didn't have to think about which to pick, and now I had a variety of things that I didn't really have many expectations about, they were free from the grocery store after all.  But since I had the seeds, I felt I should plant them, so now in two months we may have some vegetables of which Dan will be eating the majority.

Now the problem is that I'm out of garden room and still getting seed packets.

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