Sunday, April 21, 2013

Elfia--Elf Fantasy Fair

Yesterday, Dan and I went to Elfia, the largest fantasy fair in Europe (I think).  It was crazy.  Crazy crazy and crazy busy.  I'm used to historical fairs, (Renaissance and Dickens-era mostly), and this was so much different.  There were vampires, Firefly characters, mermaids (one with full fin being carted around in a wagon), Steampunkers, comic book characters, manga characters, Dwarves, Hobbits, tons of elves, lots of Stormtroopers, Lolitas, furries, historical reenactors, several Doctor Who's, and all sorts of "other".

It was held at Kasteel (Castle) de Haar, a gorgeous Neo-gothic castle outside Utrecht.  The event is held two weekends per year, and has a cap of 12,000 people per day.  They had to establish that this year because they discovered in previous years that more than that made it a bit too crowded.  Personally, I wish there had only been maybe 6-8 thousand.  It was a huge site, but both Dan and I got completely overwhelmed by the crowds.

Definitely going again, but will be a bit more prepared next time--and I'll be wearing sunscreen.  I never forgot it in Australia, but here I'm used to clouds all the time.  So I'm a bit pink.

This was the entry line for the people who

The beautiful castle.

Some historic reenactors.  Notice the wooden shoes!

Steampunk goodness.

Cup o' Soup dress?

Steampunk stroller!

A hanging of a heretic.  This was amusing to watch.

These three people were UBER-DUTCH.

A very creative family in tie capes and coats.

We were definitely in the minority not being dressed up.  Maybe only 10-20 percent of attendees weren't in costume.  So next time we WILL be dressing up.  I just have to figure out as what...


  1. Looks like fun. I have no doubt that you'll enjoy the costume creation as much as the next iteration of Elfia proper.

  2. I'm not sure why Blogger didn't take my ID .. the comment above (and this one) are by your Uncle Steve