Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bloemencorso (Haarlem Flower Parade)

Yesterday Dan and I weren't able to attend the flower parade, which goes from Noordwijk to Haarlem--a 40km route.  The parade takes all day and I hear the route is full of people the whole way.  Fortunately, the floats are on display in central Haarlem today so I was able to go see them--and encounter A LOT more people than I expected.  I'm guessing everyone in Haarlem who wasn't able to see the parade yesterday, and probably a lot who were, decided to check out the floats today.  Anyway, on to the photos.  Oh--and the theme of the year was Bon Appetit! so you'll see a lot of food-related floats.

Those are lemons behind me, in case you couldn't tell.
Also, you can kinda tell I'm a bit sunburned.

A large percent of the flowers were yellow and purple.  I think it's because they were what's currently available.  All the yellow seemed to be daffodils, and all the purple looked like lavender.  I don't know about lavender, but daffodils are everywhere these days.

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