Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gouda - pronounced more like Howda

Gouda--it's where the cheese comes from.  It also has the longest (not largest, but longest) Protestant (formerly Catholic) church in the Netherlands.  Known for the stain glass windows, this place is pretty amazing.  Of course they don't allow any photos, which is why you should click on the link.  About half of the windows are from the Catholic era, and the windows reflect that.  When the Netherlands switched to being a Protestant state most churches were vandalized and stained glass windows destroyed.  But apparently Gouda was a really tolerant place, so now half of the windows are Catholic leaning and half Protestant leaning.

Another impressive building, the Stadhuis (the town hall)

The only photo I got of the church, it was surrounded by
houses, so you couldn't get far enough out for any photos.

There was some sort of red knitting campaign
going on, there was random additions to light
poles, fences, and this statue.

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