Sunday, September 16, 2012

We've arrived - obviously

So as I'm sure it was made clear by yesterday's post, we're no longer in Western Australia.  We left there only 3.5 weeks ago, but it feels like at least 6 weeks.  From Australia we travelled to San Francisco for a few days to catch up with some friends and eat as much nostalgia food as we could.  Then to Chicago to visit my parents, where I slept for much of a week (chest infection) and we desperately got the last of the visa stuff figured out (more hangups with beauracracy).  Then to Pittsburgh for a few days with Dan's family, where I got to see the Cubs completely trounce the Pittsburgh Pirates, and we arrived Amsterdam last Tuesday.  From there it's been, well, you read about that yesterday.

But today was/is Dan's birthday, so we had a fun day.  Travelled to Utrecht, one of the cities outside Amsterdam we're looking to settle in, wandered around, ate lunch at a really nice little cafe, climbed 400some-odd steps to the top of the Domtoren (the bell tower of the main cathedral), and saw the new Bourne movie.  A much better day.

Photos may go up tomorrow.  It's too late tonight.  :)

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