Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Two steps down, ? to go

So--we have a house!  And we registered* with city hall!  Now we just have to do something that involves IND (which I think has something to do with immigration) and get a stamp in our passports, and then go back to city hall and they'll put through our paperwork to get a BSN (think social security number) and then in two-ish weeks we'll get that in the mail, and then we can finally get a bank account.  Hopefully that will be sometime before Dan's first pay date, as we got the impression they'd just 'hold on' to his money until we did manage to get an account.  And then we can finally get cell phones**.  WHEEE!

*This is going to seem absurd to all you Americans, and probably the Aussies reading too.  In Europe (at least Germany and the Netherlands, and Russia--though that seems like less of a surprise) everyone has to register where they're living with either the police station or city hall (it depends on the city).  To my paranoid self, I can't help feeling this is an invasion of my privacy--which is absurd as I always had an address on my driver's license and probably one attached to my library card, and the government would have no problems finding me if they wanted to, but registering still seems really strange.

**When people have been asking for our phone number, we've either given websites that demand one our defunct Aussie one, or just explain to actual humans that we don't have one yet.  It's worked all right so far...

But back to the house!  It's this amazingly large place where Dan gets to have a work space and I get to turn the dining room into my sewing room (which means we will have plenty of room for guests), and there's a garden in the back which looks like it's doing fine growing on its own so I'll only have to do light gardening, which I think will suit just fine.  Also, I think it was built in the 1930's so all the detailing is fantastic and it has character!  Plus it's fully furnished so we don't have to worry about finding cheap places for furniture and then sell it all again in two years.
Photos will be posted soon and you'll see why (we think) no one rented it yet--our bathroom is a bit ridiculous.  But we don't move in until Friday, so you'll just have to wait as a description just wouldn't do it justice.

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