Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rental agreement clause

The rental contract we signed last week was very similar to the ones I've signed previously.  It included clauses like: No pets; No painting the walls or altering the apartment without authorization of the landlord; etc.  But there was a new clause that I'm guessing is rather Netherlands specific.

Special Provision 19 states the following:
Het is niet toegestaan om hennep en/of aanverwante gewassen te telen dan wel om andere activiteiten te ontplooien in het gehuurde die in strijd zijn met de Opiumwet.

Which translated, means roughly:
It is not allowed to grow hemp and/or related crops or to undertake other work in the rental unit at variance with the Opium Act.

And it had never even occurred to me.

Then we were wandering through the flower markets today in Amsterdam, and found the following.

I really love how it's tucked in among all the bonsai tree seeds.  Relaxing and meditative in very different ways...

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