Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snow in Perth

Saturday night it snowed feathers in downtown Perth.  Two tonnes of them, apparently.

The feathers fell as part of 'Place des Anges', an ariel acrobatic performance; the show itself was part of Perth's International Arts Festival.  It told the story of angels who, once every 500 years, come down to earth and have a party.  For one hour, the angels had pillow fights, danced, and generally flew along wires strung hundreds of feet in the air across an intersection downtown, all while trailing copious amounts of feathers.

By the end, much of the crowd was blanketed in white, and children were practically swimming in the down.

Dan and I walked home, and even just a few hours after the event feathers had made their way to Subiaco, two miles away.  They were beautiful to watch, dancing and swirling along following invisible currents.  I have no doubt that by Sunday they had been carried along to every train station, and will be hidden in corners of Perth for years to come.

*The photos aren't mine, but come from here, where there are a lot more images to peruse.

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