Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wedding Clothes - Spencer

Pattern: La Mode Bagatelle, with alterations to the sleeves and collar and cuff influence from Nancy Bradfield's Costume in Detail page 108.
Fabric: Dove Grey wool from Britex Fabrics in SF.  Lining: Blue cotton from Spotlight Fabrics in Aus.  Trim on cuffs: Vintage silk ribbon from Britex.

My spencer mock-up went together so easily.
Though I did take out a couple inches in the
sleeve, which you can kinda see in the photo.

Back view.  I love the little Peter Pan collar.

I changed the front darts to gathers.  I found it softened the
spencer a little.

Day of.  With my two standing up peeps.
Note the blue trim on the sleeves.

Back view.  I really love that collar.

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