Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wedding Clothes - Dan's Outfit

Shirt: White cotton from stash.  Pattern: Kannik's Korner man's shirt 1790-1830.

Trousers: Camel coloured wool from some store in the fashion district, New York--so, from stash.  Pattern:  Drafted from the standard trousers pattern in R.I. Davis' Men's Garments 1830-1900.  These pants are technically later than the 1810 date we were mostly going for, but Dan wanted long pants instead of breeches, and as he was willing to go Regency for the wedding I was willing to sew him long pants.

Vest: Maroon silk taffeta from Britex Fabrics; lining: black cotton from same.  Pattern: Kannik's Korner man's waistoats 1790-1815.

Frock coat: Charcoal worsted wool from Britex Fabrics.  Pattern: Drafted from Double-breasted Dress Coat pattern in R.I. Davis' Men's Garments 1830-1900.  Again, this pattern was later than our target date, so I merged the front, side panel, and skirt to bring the date back.

Cravat: White cotton from an old pillow case.  (Sewn the night before the wedding.)

Once Dan's vest was done his whole "look"
really came together.  (The binder clip closure
would eventually be replaced with buttons.)

Dan's first coat mock-up.

After his second mock-up I finally felt ready to cut out his
fabric.  I had just enough to self line the front.

All together and conversing with our pastor before the ceremony.

The back view.  I was extremely impressed with
how his coat turned out.

Wedding Clothes - Spencer

Pattern: La Mode Bagatelle, with alterations to the sleeves and collar and cuff influence from Nancy Bradfield's Costume in Detail page 108.
Fabric: Dove Grey wool from Britex Fabrics in SF.  Lining: Blue cotton from Spotlight Fabrics in Aus.  Trim on cuffs: Vintage silk ribbon from Britex.

My spencer mock-up went together so easily.
Though I did take out a couple inches in the
sleeve, which you can kinda see in the photo.

Back view.  I love the little Peter Pan collar.

I changed the front darts to gathers.  I found it softened the
spencer a little.

Day of.  With my two standing up peeps.
Note the blue trim on the sleeves.

Back view.  I really love that collar.

Wedding Clothes - Dress

Pattern: La Mode Bagatelle, but with significant alterations to the sleeves, and bodice detailing from Nancy Bradfield's Costume in Detail page 91-92.
Fabric: Swiss cotton from some shop in the fabric district in New York, bought a couple years ago.  I LOVE that when I chose to make my wedding dress I just used fabric from my stash.

I started with a bodice mock-up over my stays and chemise.

I then cut out and sewed my bodice.

Discovered the sleeve pattern was not
a good one...so made mock-up sleeves.

The sleeve pattern was entirely too large.

I took out about two inches from the centre of
the sleeve, and took out a lot of excess from the
sleeve cap.

Once the sleeves were figured out, the rest came
together without any issues.  This is my test of
the pleated trim at the base of the dress.

I ultimately decided it poofed out the bottom too
much, and chose to save it for a later project.

On the day!