Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One Year Australian Anniversary

On Monday Dan and I celebrated our one year Australian anniversary!

We went out to dinner at a really awesome Irish pub, which was a much better experience than a year ago.

We flew into Perth on a Sunday, and met with the woman who had the keys to our short-term apartment about 3pm.  She gave us directions to the one grocery store in the area (which was downtown Perth) that was open on Sunday, and told us we shouldn't wait too long to go, because they closed early.  Again, this was downtown Perth, and I was really alarmed that ALL grocery stores weren't open on Sundays.

But we got some groceries, and walked over to Kings Park to have a peak at this wonderful place we had read so much about.  By this time it was about 5:30, and it was getting dark, but we wandered in anyway.  We wandered over to what I now know was the Botanical Garden section, and felt more relaxed than I had all day, when we hear this really loud noise.  I had no idea what it was, but it was clearly some animal that sounded kinda like a monkey.  There were lots of oo-oo's and ah-ah-ah's, but fairly high pitched and LOUD.  And suddenly the peaceful (mostly dark, now) park wasn't so peaceful anymore.  I remember thinking that maybe we had found some animal enclosure, or that perhaps there were wild monkeys in the park, and we were in their territory.  Either way, we decided to head back to the safety of our studio apartment, where we watched Australian Election coverage and tried not to fall asleep at 7pm.

I found out much later that the monkey sound is actually the Kookaburra bird, but the sound they make continues to amaze me.