Wednesday, July 27, 2011

sewing progress - Dan's pants

Dan's pants are "done"!

They would be done, minus the air quotes, but if I get time later, I want to change the placket.  It's white cotton currently, the part that the buttonholes are on, and sometimes it peeks out, especially when Dan is sitting.  So I do eventually want to change that.  But that's added to the things-to-do-if-I-have-time-when-everything-else-is-at-least-"done" list.  It's growing.

I would show you Dan in his pants and shirt, but, well, he looks a bit funny at the moment.  (Period pants sit SO much higher than modern ones) I'm hoping once I make his vest he'll revert to that dashing man I know is in there.

As for my outfit/costume/wedding dress what-have-you, it's also "done".  Or at least almost.  I still haven't hemmed my dress, or added the trimmings to my dress or spencer, but they'll get there.

I am quite pleased about my progress, I still have a few days left in this month which means I'm technically ahead of schedule...though not if you consider the above-mentioned list.  But I'm not.  August is for vest making, and I'm hoping to gain up to a week on that project, all to add time onto my September month for coat making.  And then it's October and I go home to see all of you!

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