Wednesday, July 27, 2011

sewing progress - Dan's pants

Dan's pants are "done"!

They would be done, minus the air quotes, but if I get time later, I want to change the placket.  It's white cotton currently, the part that the buttonholes are on, and sometimes it peeks out, especially when Dan is sitting.  So I do eventually want to change that.  But that's added to the things-to-do-if-I-have-time-when-everything-else-is-at-least-"done" list.  It's growing.

I would show you Dan in his pants and shirt, but, well, he looks a bit funny at the moment.  (Period pants sit SO much higher than modern ones) I'm hoping once I make his vest he'll revert to that dashing man I know is in there.

As for my outfit/costume/wedding dress what-have-you, it's also "done".  Or at least almost.  I still haven't hemmed my dress, or added the trimmings to my dress or spencer, but they'll get there.

I am quite pleased about my progress, I still have a few days left in this month which means I'm technically ahead of schedule...though not if you consider the above-mentioned list.  But I'm not.  August is for vest making, and I'm hoping to gain up to a week on that project, all to add time onto my September month for coat making.  And then it's October and I go home to see all of you!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fabric Dyeing

Today I dyed fabric for the first time.  The color came out evenly, so that was a success, but the two pieces of cotton fabric that I dyed turned out really different.

The two pieces on the left were dyed today.  The rit dye color I used was basic red, one of them turned out really pinkish, and the other one is really bright orangy.  The fabric on the right is a piece of fabric I've had since Calvin, and I've been casually looking for fabric to go with it ever since.  Finally I decided to dye my own, as I'm pretty sure that's how the piece on the right came to be.

These will stay in my stash for now, but eventually they'll make for some interesting PJ's.