Friday, May 6, 2011


Right.  So the reason for all the driving in the last post is that Dan and I went on vacation over Easter break.  This year the break was especially long for Australians.  They usually get Good Friday and Easter Monday off, but this year Anzac Day fell on Easter Monday, so Tuesday was also declared a public holiday.  Dan took Wednesday off as well, and we spent the five days down south.

It. was. wonderful.  Dan did barely any physics, we stayed at a B&B that we’ll be judging all future B&B’s against, did some unplanned hiking (as well as planned hiking), and spent lots of time staring at the ocean.  There’s no way I’m going to describe all this in one blog post, but soon I hope to have my two memory cards of photos and videos sorted and can then bore you all with vacation stories.  I will however, leave you with some teaser photos.

Tree Top Walk

Our trusty car after some unsealed (unpaved) roads

Elephant Rocks

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