Monday, May 23, 2011

Vacation Day 6

We took a really long meandering drive home.  When planning this vacation, I discovered a working windmill, and of course wanted to go, even though it was completely out of our way.  It was a really disappointing experience.  The gift shop (to buy the spelt flour they made on the premises of course) wasn't open weekdays, and we needed four people to get a tour of the place.  Also, I was really ready to go home.  Also also the flies were bad and it was ridiculously windy--though that's probably why they built the windmill there.  But the scenery on the drive home was worth it all.  We drove through the Stirling Ranges, the closest thing WA has to mountains (I think).

Most of our drive home looked like this.  I loved the red
dirt along the road.

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