Monday, May 23, 2011

Vacation Day 5

This was our one full day along the southern coast, and we made the most of it.  We went to the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk first--one of the places everyone told us we had to go.  The views were amazing, and you really were up in the canopies of the trees.  The walk is basically a series of platforms, with bridges suspended in between. 

Up in the treetops

That's a very tiny me in the middle of the bridge.

We then travelled to see Elephant Rocks, which was by far the most beautiful spot we saw on vacation.  We even debated about staying there all day, or about returning the next day before we drove home.  I think we'll be going back south before we leave Aus, if only to spend more time here.  It was basically a little tiny cove, which was really hard to get to, surrounded by giant, rather flat rocks--thus the name. The water was incredibly blue, and the waves were crashing on the was a perfect ocean experience.  We left our shoes on the beach (which we almost lost when a very large wave covered the entire beach--they were only saved by a good samaritan who put them up in the bushes) and went exploring on the rocks. 

Elephant Rocks Cove

Ready to go exploring

All along the trail down to the cove one side of the path was
completely burned, while the other was fine.  It looked like a
fresh burn, so I'm guessing this was from one of the many
fires this summer.

Eventually we left Elephant Rocks and headed to Conspicuous Cliffs (we still aren't sure why they're called that).  This was really only the second time we had large amounts of space to ourselves.  We had a lot of fun wandering the beach, half-heartedly trying not to get too wet.  The sky had clouded over by this point, but we left before the rain hit.  Then we wandered the town looking for somewhere to eat, in the rain, in really wet pants.  We were completely ready to go back to our decidedly rustic farmstay and turn on the heater.

I have the goal of taking feet shots in all the
world oceans.

Dan getting soaked.

Joy.  I really like oceans.

Oh, while we were waiting for a restaurant to open for dinner we were wandering the local grocery store and found these.

Yuck!  And also--who would eat these!?

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