Monday, May 23, 2011

Vacation Day 2

V-day 2 was considerably fuller than day 1.  We started by heading down to the south-west tip of Australia, Cape Leeuwin.  This is where the Southern Ocean and the Indian Ocean meet.  (Side note: Neither Dan or I remembered learning about the Southern Ocean in school.  It seems to be the same as the Antarctic Ocean, just by a different name.  Even Google Maps has it labelled the Southern Ocean, and I'm guessing that's different if you're in the states.)  But back to oceans meeting.  It's not as impressive as you might think.  No waves crashing into one another; you just look left, and the ocean seems to be moving in one direction, and you look right, and it's possibly moving in a different direction.

South west WA has some amazing caves, that are tourist hotspots, so of course we had to join in.  We toured Jewel Cave, and it lived up to the hype.  It was amazing the myriad of shapes that can form when dripping water leaves behind mineral deposits.  This particular cave is known for it's straw stalagtites, which are really long, narrow tubes--literally the diameter of a straw.  The longest one we got to see was about 15ft long.

We ended our day with a trip to Hamelin Bay, wandered the beach and got absolutely pummeled by wind and sand.

Two oceans meeting, with us standing right in front of it.

There was a pirate cow at Cape Leeuwin, I'm not sure why.

The lighthouse at Cape Leeuwin, from further along
the Southern coast.

Straw Stalagmites

Jewel Cave

The Organ in Jewel Cave

Calcite shaped like brains...or cauliflower

I really like this shot of Dan

And one of me, also at Hamelin Bay

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  1. It says Southern Ocean here, too! I've never heard of it!