Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One effect of the heat...

Our bathroom mirror fell of the wall!

Late Friday night we heard a crash and opened the bathroom door to find this.  Apparently the mirror had just been glued to the wall, and it couldn't take the heat and humidity that comes with being in a bathroom in the hottest place on the planet.  (I do know that last bit isn't true, but it certainly feels like it.)

Saturday morning we taped up all the cracks because I was worried that once we shifted it to its side to transport it outside the little bits would all rain down and we'd have a trail of mirror bits throughout the house.  We also wrapped newspaper around the jagged edge, and without any drama managed to move it to the front patio.  Where it still sits, waiting for our mantainence person to pick it up--it doesn't fit in the bin.

The cleanup was a pain, mostly because we had to make absolutely sure we got all the little pieces, but I did enjoy taking photos of the two of us in the broken mirror.  My favorite one is below, but I couldn't help wishing that a good friend and avid photographer back in Berkeley had access to our broken mirror--because really, how often does this actually happen?


  1. i feel i can vouch for said friend, mirror photography is hella (teehee) tricky. i like the pic!!!

  2. The real question is, where does all that bad luck "go" when no one actually broke it? Does mother nature get seven years bad luck?