Monday, January 31, 2011

Update - Petticoat...and other news

So this one will be brief.  The last project I "completed" before going home for the holidays was a petticoat.  I had a pattern for it, but had to alter it A LOT.  Originally the pattern was for a bodiced petticoat, which meant the bodice had boning and the garment could act as corset and petticoat in one.  I just wanted it to be a petticoat, which meant I had to alter the bodice.  Sewing it up, however, was a breeze.  I love working with cotton.  It still doesn't have a hem, or closures in the back, because I wanted to wait until the dress was finished to determine how long I want the petticoat, and I'm still undecided about buttons versus hooks and eyes.  Also, I might need to redo the top again...

Which brings me to...I started on the short stays.  I still haven't decided which ones I want to use, but I've been debating it since I got back, and nothing else has gotten accomplished, so I finally decided that I might as well make them if I wasn't going to create anything else before deciding which ones.  So there's a possibility my petticoat may have to change, depending on how these stays turn out.  Fun times.

Oh, and here's a really bad photo of my petticoat over my modern clothes.

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