Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Update - Finished Stays (Corset)

34 hand-sewn eyelets.  4 bloodstains.  But it's done.  And now I'm debating about making another one.  A shorter one.  See, these stays fit me like a glove...or like stays should fit someone.  But corsets aren't really designed to let you eat a lot when you're wearing them.  And on my wedding day, I intend to eat.  Possibly a lot.  There's going to be good food, and plenty of it, if we ever decide what to actually have, and I intend to partake.  So either I become one of those people who changes immediately after the ceremony into something else, which I don't really want to do, cause then I'd have to plan another outfit, and it's taken about a decade to plan this one, or I make short stays.  Some regency era stays didn't cover the stomach or hips, and only focused on getting the bust shape right.  Short stays would allow me to gorge on all the food I wanted.  But, well, I'm not sure I want to make another pair of stays right now.  So we'll see.  But here are a couple photos of the finished long stays.


  1. Can't you just loosen them a little bit. Stays are only as tight as you make them, right?

  2. If I may ask, who's Me?

    It's true that stays are only as tight as you make them, but Regency stays aren't actually designed to cinch you in. Unlike earlier and later styles, Regency stays were really only meant to lift and separate the breasts, and smooth out your lines -- for your stomach and hips they were the 1800's version of Spanks (Spanx?). My stays don't really change my stomach and hips measurements, they just create a smooth line. But unlike Spanks, they aren't spandex, so they don't really accommodate a very full stomach, without some discomfort anyway. And, as you mention, I could loosen them before eating, but I'm not sure I wouldn't affect that smooth line in some weird way. So...I might just make another one.