Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Last night, shortly after midnight, the people I was with told their New Year's Resolutions.  All I could come up with at the moment was that I wanted to move at the most one time this year--a decent resolution, I guess, but I think there should be no problem acheiving it, so I want to expand it.  What I really want this year are fewer life changes.  In the year to come I plan to start a new job and get married, which is a fairly life changing year.  But compared to last year it will hopefully be, well, relaxing.

2010 brought a move within Berkeley in January, an engagement, thesis writing, thesis defending, graduation, a trip to the East Coast, sending half our stuff to Australia, sending the other half to Illinois, travelling around the midwest without any home for about a month, actually moving ourselves to Australia, "establishing" ourselves in Perth (which arguably was the most stressful month of the entire year), and then applying and getting a job--the first one in my field, I am proud to say.  So I really want 2011 to be less eventful.

But in reality, I don't have to do much to make 2011 less stressful than 2010.  I'm not even sure I could make this year more stressful than last year if I tried.  So I have another resolution, one that I'm sure you'll all agree is a good resolution for me.

I resolve to be better at communicating with you.  I resolve to update this blog at least once per week, and send an email, or call one of you (other than my parents) at least once a week as well.

Wish me luck.