Sunday, November 7, 2010

Replacing Plants

Some of my garden is dying.  Mostly the plants are slowly fading, drooping a little more each day.  This, I believe, is normal, and can be attributed to the shock of being transported across town and plunked down somewhere foreign.  I still have hope that some of them will revive themselves, and I better understand now why we planted so many in the first place.

But early last week I went out one morning and noticed that a couple of my Impatiens looked drastically different than I remembered them looking the day before.  They were crispy, and completely dried out, as if something sucked the life out of them.  I watered them extra and kept watch.  Only a few days went by before you could look out from the living room window and not see any green where they had been.  They were completely dead.  And two more right in front of them were beginning to look crispy as well.

But--I had a clue.  These four Impatiens were the only plants in my entire garden to receive full sunlight for about an hour each day.  Everything else got filtered light through the tree.  Ironically, this little patch of sunny space was the part I was least concerned about.  Plants need sun, most of my garden receives very little, this patch receives a little more than the rest, therefore plants in this spot should grow better.  Apparently not.  And it's not like Impatiens don't like sun, everything I read about them just said that they're okay with shade too.  But I guess overhead Australian sunlight is just too much to handle.

Today I finally took out the dead Impatiens (which was not hard, they basically disintegrated in my hands) and planted a few Geraniums and what I think is a species of Daisy from the back garden that I remembered Allie saying liked a lot of sun.  So we'll see.  The skeptic in my says in another two weeks I will have killed off another couple of plants and will need to go to the garden store to get one of those desert hardy plants that I saw advertised.

Not sure if you can tell, but in the back are two barely recognizable Impatiens.  One of the front two was salvageable, and I moved it to a shadier spot in the garden.

 One of the dead Impatiens.

The new plants.  The possible Daisy thing is on the left.  If anyone knows what it is exactly, I'd be much obliged.


  1. You might just need to acclimate the plants to full sun. Even ones that love sun will die if they have never had direct sun before and get it all at once. I had something similar in my balcony garden- mine was a weed- I hope you have better luck with yours a flower :)

  2. I had this problem in the front area of the back porch...gets sun ALL the time. I found that marigolds did well. You may want to try using several clay pots or wooden barrels with your own soil and let them grow from there. Also then they can be moved around to various spots so that makes it nice.