Sunday, October 24, 2010

Growing Impatiens with growing impatience

About a month ago I bought Impatiens seeds, potting soil, plastic cups, and trays to set them in.  I cut holes in the bottom of the cups so the soil could drain, and I faithfully set them out in the sun (per the instructions on the back of the seed packet) and kept the soil moist.  This is what they looked like on day one:

The seed packet informed me that Impatiens have a sprouting period of 14-21 days.  So, after 30 days, this is what my little seeds looked like.

Actually, it's the exact same photo, but you get the idea.  My impatiens were a monumental failure.  Of 75 seeds, after 1-2 weeks longer than they're supposed sprouting time, only two seeds have done anything.  Yesterday I decided I'd had enough, and gave up on all but the two.  And it's not like any activity could be going on under the soil, because Impatiens are supposed to be sewn at most 1mm down.  I could still see several seeds just sitting there, inert.  So now all my gardening hopes and dreams rest on two little sprouting seeds. 

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