Saturday, October 16, 2010

Animals fall from the sky here.

A couple weeks ago I was out on our front patio painting side tables a very lovely shade of blue, when I heard two small thumps. After looking around, I looked up and saw that two little lizards, maybe about 4 inches long, had fallen onto our plastic awning thing from somewhere, perhaps the roof. Neither one moved for awhile and then they both started scrambling up the plastic, seemingly unharmed.

Later, I heard another, with a slight smack sound, thump. This time, a lizard had fallen all the way down to the patio (thankfully missing my still-drying furniture pieces). The odd thing was that I had no idea where it had fallen from. The little thing would have had to make a monumental leap off the roof to land where it did, and nothing else seemed to be above where it landed. By the way, the lizard seemed fine--at least it disappeared when I looked away.

So...flying lizards. Not too weird, yet.

Yesterday: I was walking down our alley (yes, we have an alley, and I love it) when I noticed a dead fish lying on the ground. And this wasn't a fish fillet or parts of a fish. He had his head, and his silvery scales and everything. Eight inch long fish, just lying there, with no bodies of water anywhere near by.

So...flying (or at least falling) fish.

I figure that as the falling animal of September was the tiny lizard, and so far in October we had a fish 5 times the size of the lizard, in November I'm expecting something the size of cats to start falling from the sky.

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